Progressive Web Application

Diversified Energy Company, an independent energy firm, specializes in acquiring and optimizing natural gas assets in the US. Operating in regions like the Appalachia Basin and central US states, we sought consulting and software engineering services. The objective was to develop a streamlined time and purchase tracking application for field supervisors and crew members. This application boasts offline storage capabilities, ensuring data persistence in areas with limited internet access, syncing seamlessly with servers upon reconnection.


Tech Stack used to solve challenges

Solution we provide

We understood the client’s vision and provided a technology consulting to choose the righ technical stack and infrastructure for their products. Post this, we helped the client in defining their product engineering backlog with functional and non functional requirements. Currently we are driving the product development in an agille way to help the client in product development and go to market of this mobile application. We delivered the first and minimum viable project phase of the application and continuing to enhance the product further.