E-commerce Engineering

Requirement Understanding

Have a detailed call with our eCommerce Consultant. We will understand your requirements.

Requirement Understanding

Choose the best platform

Choose the best platform that suits your needs. Plan platform migrations if current tech is not meeting your needs. Choosing the right platform is a long-term commitment that influences your overall business workflow




Big Commerce

Designing Prototyping & Wireframing

Once platform is chosen now is time to choose theme and work on UI/UX design. User interface impacts the user experience which dictates how every single visitor interacts with your site. From analyzing click and scroll heat maps to conversion rate optimization, our team has it covered. Our team of experts will work with yours to create a seamless and user-friendly design that boosts online revenue.


Our development options range from accelerated builds to fully custom themes, complete with widget-based functionality. Ultimately, we are ready to find the solution that meets your budget, timeline and functional requirements

Custom Integration

Custom Integrations

Whether you’re looking for helping installing a native app or need to create a custom integration, we’re here to help. Our certified developers have extensive experience building custom integrations between ERPs, PIMs and other technologies. Learn how we can help simply your tech stack and reduce technical debt by integrating existing systems and consolidating software the can accomplish the same task.

Launch & Maintenance

As we head toward the finish line, we will run through testing protocols and thoroughly check the store to ensure we’re set
up for success. Your team will have access to the website before it’s live to report any last-minute requests and assess any
bugs. Then, it’s showtime.